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About Us

In the summer of 2009, a common interest brought a small group of people together.  Some were recent amputees and others had lost a limb years ago.  We all knew what it was like to lose a limb.  We all knew the importance of having emotional support from family and friends.

We all had questions, but no one to ask.  We wanted to know how life would change.  Can I still do the things I used to do?  Can I drive?  Am I able to, once again, go camping, play golf, Garden, cycle, etc.?  This list of questions is long.

Our group decided that we would reach out and support other amputees and those facing amputation.  We have all "been there, and done that" and are delighted to share our stories and experiences with you and do our best to understand your story and answer your questions.

Meet The Team

President          Rene Duncan

Secretary           San Wheat Sr

Treasurer           Doug Holcomb

Roseville Lead   Chuck Buffum

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